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White-headed Buffalo Weaver


The bird pictured is a live specimen.  The bird being sold on this site died of natural causes and is being sold frozen whole.  If you would like a picture of the frozen dead bird, please contact us (contact information at bottom of website).

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Product Description

The White-Headed Buffalo Weaver, which is native to East Africa, is a species of the passerine bird which belongs to the Ploceidae family. It is named for the African Buffalo, which it follows to feed on its disturbed insects. It is approx. 180 mm long and weighs between 57 and 85 grams. It prefers a dry habitat such as the African savanna of shrublands. It’s Conservation Status is classified of Least Concern.


Order:     Passeriformes

Family:    Ploceidae

Genus:    Dinemellia

Species:  D. dinemelli

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