Dead Bird For Sale - White Cheeked Bulbul

White-cheek Bulbul


The bird pictured is a live specimen.  The bird being sold on this site died of natural causes and is being sold frozen whole.  If you would like a picture of the frozen dead bird, please contact us (contact information at bottom of website).

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Product Description

The White-Cheek Bulbul is a member of the Bulbul Family. It is found in the Middle East and other parts of Asia, such as India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Although it is bigger in size, it is very similar in appearance to the White-Eared Bulbul. It’s Conservation Status is classified of Least Concern.


Order:    Passeriformes

Family:   Pycnonotidae

Genus:   Pycnonotus

Species: P. leucotis

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